Who we are

AVP Store was founded by Alexandra VP in 2018, the idea behind the store was born due to her passion, love and raw enthusiasm for storytelling of Colombian indigenous tribes and traditional craftsmanship.

Each product shows Alexandra's heritage in its highest expression from every corner of Colombia.

AVP  is a brand that pays tribute to Colombian ethnic treasures. We aim to preserve our the ancestral traditions. As Colombians and curators of this culture, we offer typical handicrafts made with love by women from vulnerable communities.

We believe in the potential of the ancestral art of the Colombian tribes that awakens intrigue and curiosity. We are always looking for unique pieces that treasure stories, journeys, and dreams. We strive to find that the handicrafts are made from natural fibers or made as far as possible with sustainable and eco-friendly materials

AVP donates a percentage to the different projects in Colombia to help kids and women as well as helping to bring potable water to the major deserted part of the country. 

Our Mission

is to share the history and traditional work from different corners of Colombia. We aim to support and empower native women artisans. So they develop competitiveness levels through their creativity and determination.