About AVP

My love for handmade accessories from the existing ethnic groups of my homeland Colombia was the start of AVP Store. 

This store was founded with the driven spirit and simple goal to bring to the world the designer quality handmade Colombian summer accesories, made by the largest indigenous communities in Colombia.  

I would spend hours in the Atlantic coast of Colombia trying to find the perfect piece of jewellery, or the most colourful mochila for myself... and I could never stop buying!!  I always wanted to show to the world, such an amazing art, the material, the colours, the designs, their creativity and the passion these people put into every single thing they do.

So, I decided to start avp store to be able to show that talent, to prove that art is not only in canvas, and celebrate the unknown tribes that are part of my history and ethnic origins.

My mission is to preserve and support indigenous handmade products as well as accessories design by local artisans. Each product in my store carries the essence of a traditional indigenous tribe which should not be forgotten. 

I want to create a sustainable and an ethical store that sells Mochila bags and fashion accessories that support and preserve their art as well as a sustainable economy option to provide for their families and communities.

Learning about these tribes has become a hobbie and also a very personal mission to help in a way these very forgotten communities. As part of my mission I want to make Colombian hadnmade art available and accessible to all while supporting the preservation of these groups through a charitable cause.

I would like to note and clarify that I DO NOT design any of the items, either will claim they are my copyright. These are all handmade and design by the members of the existing ethnic groups as well as by local artisans . Nobody should claim otherwise, they have an incredible talent and they make art that the world should know about.

Thank you!


                                            Alexandra VP